What we do and stand for

FRISQ’s care process solutions empower care teams and patients to work together in care processes, ensuring effective information sharing within the team. To read more about our services and how they work, please click here.

Strengthened role for patients – we enable person-centred ways of working

We believe in a person-centred approach when working with care processes, meaning that patients are to be seen as coproducers in their own care, and that care and treatments are tailored to each individual’s own potential and abilities.

However, person-centred care to us not only means taking the patient’s personal resources and abilities into consideration, but also to provide the patient with the full picture of their own care process, both of what has happened before and what is to happen in the near future. Additionally, the patient can keep care processes from multiple care providers in one place with their FRISQ Care mobile application. This way, the patient is always the center of information. It strengthens the patient’s role in the care and is what person-centered care means to us.

Care providers or the patient owns the content of the service

Data generated in FRISQ Care is owned by either the care provider or the patient. The data generated by the patient herself, e.g. number of steps taken in a day, is always owned by the patient. Data generated within the care process is owned by the care provider, in compliance with the Swedish Patient Data Act (Patientdatalagen, PDL) and the EU GDPR legislation, the care provider being the data controller and FRISQ being the data processor. The patient always has the right to request information about what data on themselves is stored by the care provider.

Care providers can share standardized care processes with each other

Care providers themselves choose what content to add to the standardized care processes – the care provider is always the owner of the content and responsible for the information. FRISQ can enable care providers to share standardized care processes with other care providers. This way, FRISQ empowers care providers to cooperate with each other on evidence-based treatment guidelines, focusing on increased patient safety and equal care.

FRISQ can also assist care providers who want to do analyses on the data generated in the application, however always on the terms of the data controlling care provider.