The time has come to announce the speakers for our two FRISQ Care events in October

October 11, 2017

As previously announced, we will host two FRISQ Care events in October, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg, for specially invited healthcare providers and decision-makers in health care. The program details and speakers of the have now been decided.

Gothenburg October 17

Seminar and presentation of FRISQ Care – now ready for initial implementation and evaluation in clinical processes.


The seminar will start with a description of KOL-centrum (the COPD center at Sahlgrenska) and why KOL-centrum is a good example of a clinic where inter-professional collaboration is conducted with their patients. Anders Ullman will also present about how this can be accomplished by using digital solutions. Casper Winsnes and Martin Irding will then demonstrate FRISQ Care, since KOL-centrum will be the first care provider in Sweden to test the application. We will listen to talks on stage by Stefan Oldmark from Apple and Tobias Nilsson from the Västra Götaland region regarding the digitization of healthcare.

Stockholm, October 24th

Discussions and presentations by healthcare representatives about their work for more person-centered care by using digital solutions.


Under the direction of Göran Hägglund, we will listen to talks by Anders Ullman, Caroline Mellberg and Urban Pettersson Bargo about their work for more person-centered care using digital solutions. We will also give a demonstration of FRISQ Care and how application enables easier ways for documentation, information sharing and communication for the caregiver and with the patient.