Swedish government report identifies FRISQ as digital solution for proposed legislation on patient engagement

A new Swedish government report proposes legislation to boost patient engagement by requiring healthcare professionals to provide each patient with a personalized interactive forward-looking care plan. The report identifies FRISQ as the only digital solution to date that meets the requirements of this “patient contract”.

The government’s official report, ”Good quality, local health care” (SOU 2017:01 “God och nära vård”), is setting the direction of Swedish healthcare. The Swedish government intends to make structural changes to the Swedish healthcare system, which involves strengthening the importance of primary care as the true foundation and first line of healthcare.

According to the report, the “patient contract” is a key enabler to ensure that all patients have personal care plans with interactive collaboration and information sharing between care teams and patients. The new report proposes legislation requiring a patient contract for all Swedish healthcare regions and providers.

Based on a feasibility study conducted by Inera, which coordinates Sweden’s healthcare regions’ digital infrastructure, the report identifies FRISQ as the only digital solution in Sweden currently able to meet the patient contract requirements – which include visualizing a shared care process in which the patient and healthcare professionals interactively work together and make decisions based on the same information.

FRISQ has been frequently cited in previous official government reports for its digitization of care pathways, patient engagement, and capacity for care coordination by enabling care teams and patients to work together in care processes.

“Higher levels of patient engagement lead to better health outcomes. The patient contract will enable patients to be more engaged, while also making healthcare delivery more efficient. It will also reduce unnecessary physical meetings between patients and healthcare providers, particularly for patients with chronic diseases. Like the government, we believe this is an absolute necessity to respond to the challenges of healthcare going forward,” says Martin Irding, CEO of FRISQ.

Read more about FRISQ, the government report and the patient contract here: http://www.sou.gov.se/godochnaravard/