Successful seminar and presentation of FRISQ Care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital on 17 October

October 18, 2017

As previously communicated, we will organize two seminars for specially invited healthcare providers and decision-makers in healthcare, during October. Yesterday, FRISQ was in Gothenburg to hold a seminar and for the first time showcase the FRISQ Care application.

For a fully seated meeting room, Tobias Nilsson, from the Västra Götaland region (VGR), started off with an overview of the conversion program which is currently run in VGR, in which digitization is one of the four main focus areas. Digital solutions are an absolute must to meet the goals set for the region.

Anders Ullman began with a brief description of KOL-centrum (a clinic focusing of the care and treatment of individuals diagnosed with COPD), the mission and goals KOL-centrum has set out to achieve, as well as encountered challenges since the centers’ inception. A prerequisite for good care, set in the framework of the Center’s activities, is inter-professional cooperation within the care team.

Anders Ullman also described when he first came in contact with FRISQ Care and realized that the application had the potential to both facilitate inter-professional collaboration at the clinic and at the same time involve the patient in their own care.

Casper Winsnes wrapped up the seminar by giving an overview of the FRISQ Care application and what the system can do for both patients and care professionals. After this, it was time for a demonstration of FRISQ Care – the first one ever for a wider audience. Casper also exemplified how care plans set up by KOL-centrum looks like in the actual application.

The seminar was embedded in a positive atmosphere, with many participants now excited to follow the developments at KOL-centrum, which will be the first healthcare provider in Sweden to start using FRISQ’s solutions and applications.