Lars Björk and Göran Hägglund joins FRISQ Board of Directors

April 11, 2018

At FRISQ’s Annual General Meeting on May 17, Lars Björk (former CEO Qlik) and Göran Hägglund (Minister of Health and Social affair 2006-2014) will be proposed to become new members of the Board of Directors of FRISQ Holding AB. Mats Lindstrand (chairman), Per-Egon Johansson, Åke Hallman and Anna Frick are proposed for re-election. Board member Karina Tellinger leaves the Board on her own request due to other commitments.

FRISQ has recently press released several strategically important collaborations with significant players within Nordic healthcare such as Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset and Västra Götalandsregionen, WeMind Psychiatry, Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, Lovisenberg Hospital in Oslo, Länsförsäkringar in collaboration with SOS International, Apple and Atea, and CompuGroup Medical (one of the leading providers of Electronic Medical Record software in Sweden and globally).

– Given the great interest in FRISQ’s unique product in Sweden and the fact that no comparable product is available in other countries, it is important that we start preparing for an international expansion now. It is in this context the strengthening of the Board of Directors should be viewed, says Martin Irding, CEO of FRISQ.

Lars Björk has worked at Qlik during 2000-2017, the last 10 years as the CEO of the company. Under Lars’ leadership, Qlik made one of the most successful international expansions ever for a Swedish tech company. Qlik has grown from a small company based in Lund to a global leader in its industry with over 2,500 employees, operations in 120 countries, sales of over SEK 6 billion, and more than 45,000 customers worldwide. The business magazine Forbes has named Qlik one of the world’s most innovative growth companies. The company was taken private from the New York NASDAQ stock exchange for about SEK 25 billion in 2016.

– I am very pleased that Lars joins the company as a board member and adviser in the upcoming international expansion phase. Lars’ experience of internationalization of this type of business will be invaluable for FRISQ’s continued expansion. In addition, Lars has a valuable network of contacts among customers, suppliers, partners and key future employees, which FRISQ will need to attract in the coming years, says Mats Lindstrand, Chairman of FRISQ.

– I see great similarities between Qlik and FRISQ, where both companies develop complementary solutions to transform data into valuable information that  creates added value for its users by enabling a more structured and fact based way of working. I think FRISQ has a very important and valuable role to play in the global healthcare industry and I look forward to assist FRISQ to achieve its full potential, says Lars Björk in a comment.

Göran Hägglund has, in his role as Swedish Minister of Health and Social affair for eight years, been involved in developing Swedish healthcare. He has a deep knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses and future development needs of the Swedish healthcare system. Swedish healthcare is in many contexts seen as a role model internationally, both in terms of quality of care and from an economic perspective.

– In our ambition to make Sweden a “showcase” for how FRISQ can help to improve health care quality and productivity, I am very pleased that Göran wants to join the Board of Directors in FRISQ Holding AB and support the company both in Sweden and internationally, says Chairman Mats Lindstrand.

– I have followed FRISQ for a couple of years and I am convinced that the product and services developed by FRISQ can play an important role in making Swedish healthcare even better and more effective. There is a huge potential for FRISQ to let the patient connect the dots of the fragmented healthcare system and in an interactive way participate in their own care plans. With more engaged and active patient participation, healthcare professionals can save time and avoid unnecessary double work as FRISQ is also integrated with underlying EMR systems. I am therefore pleased to get the opportunity to actively contribute to this development, says Göran Hägglund.