High levels of patient engagement among FRISQ customers

The results of an analysis of FRISQ Care, conducted during the fall and based on data from several customers, show extremely high levels of patient engagement – around 80% – among a variety of patient groups. The results confirm FRISQ’s ability to help healthcare systems enable healthier, more satisfied patients while also saving time and costs.

In 2019, forward-looking healthcare plans began using FRISQ Care as a tool for both public and private care providers in providing regular care. This has enabled the first measurable analyses of FRISQ Care to be conducted, with one of the most important measurements being patient engagement. Patient engagement entails the patient’s active participation in their own care by, for example, responding to surveys, sharing important information or working towards a common goal such as physical activity. It is a well-established fact that patients who actively participate in their own care not only become healthier, but also reduce healthcare costs.

The results of the analysis, based on approximately 10,000 patient-healthcare interactions at three care units during fall 2019, show that FRISQ Care results in a patient engagement level of around 80%. “Patient engagement” is measured by the number of activities performed by the patient, out of the total number of activities the patient is meant to do pursuant to the healthcare process. Accordingly, the analysis shows that patients perform 80% of the activities they have agreed upon with their care provider. Figures include data from pre- and post-operative healthcare processes and the treatment of diabetes and mental illness.

Patients therefore not only feel better, but they can also ease the workload for healthcare personnel, which saves time and costs. The analysis results have generated great interest among customers and partners, leading to several major business opportunities for FRISQ and its partners in which interactive patient involvement is of crucial importance.

Because FRISQ Care is a new type of service, there are currently limited options for comparing results. The most comparable method is the “response rate” used in scientific studies, which normally ranges from 30-70% and only in very limited instances reaches 80% – results that are clearly lower that the average patient engagement level with FRISQ Care, according to the analysis results.

The figures are also exceptionally high in an international context. Dr. Jordan Shlain, a practicing primary care doctor and respected thought leader on digital patient engagement and national health policy in the U.S., finds the results remarkable.

”FRISQ’s results are striking – patient engagement of near 80% speaks for itself. Our experience clearly shows that patient engagement is the key driver for good health outcomes. The resulting cost saving for providers is obvious, and should give a great incentive to accelerate adoption,” says Dr. Shlain.

”While we are not surprised by the results, we are very pleased. They confirm in black and white that what we have been working on for a long time really works, and delivers the fantastic result we aimed to achieve. A high level of patient engagement not only results in healthier patients, but also lightens the load on the healthcare system and reduces its costs,” says FRISQ CEO Martin Irding.

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