Hägglund, Forss and Milton participate in road show with FRISQ, Atea and Apple

November 12, 2017

FRISQ and Atea will conduct a roadshow during the next six months and visit healthcare providers around the country to demonstrate how healthcare providers can use FRISQ Care while receiving support for hardware and related services. Now it has also been confirmed that Göran Hägglund (former Minister of Social Affairs), Mikael Forss (former Deputy Hospital Director Karolinska University Hospital) and Anders Milton (formerly Chairman of the Swedish Medical Association and psychiatric coordinator for the government) will participate in this roadshow and support FRISQ within their respective fields.

FRISQ has had a number of advisors with extensive healthcare experience associated to the company for quite some time, and now Göran Hägglund, Mikael Forss and Anders Milton will attend several of the meetings with healthcare providers that are planned with Atea and Apple.

Göran Hägglund sees FRISQ Care as one step on the path to a more person-centered care:

“We are on the threshold to the huge transformation of the healthcare sector, enabled by digitization, which we have talked about for a long time. A healthcare where the patient’s care plan is central, and which enables increased quality, accessibility and improved work environment for the healthcare staff. FRISQ has a very good understanding of healthcare and the patient’s needs and I am glad to be able to contribute to the breakthrough.”

Mikael Forss shares Hägglund’s view of the needs for more person-centric and improved working environment in health care:

“I have been working in the life science and healthcare sector for almost my entire professional career, in various management positions. It is obvious that society’s resources will not cover the increasing healthcare needs. A key issue will be whether the patient can do more by him or herself, relieve the burden on the care sector and simultaneously get the opportunity to take care of his or her health in a better way. FRISQ Care is the first service I have seen that enables the patient to do more by theirown while at the same time facilitating healthcare to be part of everyday life. On top of that it is a user friendly interface, which I believe will be a pre-requisite for rapid implementation among health professionals and patients.”

Anders Milton emphasizes FRISQ Cares importance for research and evidence-based work:

“FRISQ Care significantly increases patient involvement, which will improve healthcare professionals’ understanding of the patient’s situation and thus enable better care with higher quality. FRISQ Care also enables more evidence-based work, which can increase the quality of healthcare – especially in psychiatry, FRISQ Care can contribute to more evidence-based methods.”