Full house when the FRISQ Care seminar in Stockholm was held on October 24th

October 25, 2017

The event began with a presentation and panel discussion led by former Minister of Health and Social affairs Göran Hägglund. The panel consisted of Anders Ullman (KOL-centrum, Sahlgrenska University Hospital), Caroline Mellberg (Hälsostaden Ängelholm) and Urban Pettersson Bargo (WeMind Psykiatri), giving their take on how their work promote a more person-centered care with the use of digital solutions. FRISQ’s Casper Winsnes gave the audience a demonstration and overview of the FRISQ Care application and how different features can be used from a patient and care provider perspective.

Anders Ullman began with a brief description of KOL-centrum (a clinic focusing of the care and treatment of individuals diagnosed with COPD) and the mission and goals KOL-centrum has set out to achieve. He also presented important insights he has gained since the inception of KOL-centrum:

“What became very clear to us is that we cannot send the patient around in the care process, we have to build the process around the patient.”

Anders highlighted that FRISQ Care is an application that enables person-centered work processes and has the potential to significantly improve resource utilization and save time.

This was something that Caroline Mellberg also emphasized:

“I want to follow my patients in a meaningful and time-effective way. FRISQ Care provides a platform for direct and continuous feedback, unlike just one single doctor’s appointment per year. “

Furthermore, she raised the importance of empowering the family members of patients suffering from diabetes, a disease that could be life-threatening if not treated properly. She sometimes meets anxiety amongst family members and a desire for them to gain more insight into the care process and how they can help. For increased patient engagement, the possibility to share information and thus support their loved ones is a must.

Urban Pettersson Bargo recounted his long-standing commitment to reforming psychiatric care and providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to offer patients quality assured and evidence-based care. He also raised the need for user-friendly IT solutions to improve workflows, but also the possibility to enable new employees to be quickly introduced to Wemind’s way of working:

“FRISQ puts a new layer on the EMR-systems. It gives us unmatched opportunities to create a better working environment for our employees and better care for our patients. ”

Casper Winsnes continued with a demonstrating of FRISQ Care and showed how the application enables healthcare professionals to write and save to underlying EMRs, based on the patient’s care plan. Casper also showed how the patient, after accepting what information he or she wants to share with his healthcare provider, can see his or her care plan and be supported in everyday life.

“Our job is to let healthcare gather around the patient and the care plan the patient has. We glue all parts together to make it easier for our care. “

FRISQ’s CEO Martin Irding concluded by saying that focus is now on completing all the regulatory requirements and certifications that are needed in order for FRISQ Care to be used with real patient cases. This process is expected to be completed by Christmas 2017. He also presented FRISQ’s new partnership with Atea, a leading supplier of IT infrastructure for the Nordic and Balticregions, and a tour of roadshows where FRISQ, Atea and Apple will visit healthcare providers around Sweden in order to demonstrate how healthcare providers can use FRISQ Care, including receiving support for hardware related services.

It was a great evening with incredible feedback and support received for the possibilities with FRISQ Care!