FRISQ signs agreement with leading spine surgery center

February 4, 2019

FRISQ has signed a license agreement with spine surgery center Ryggkirurgiskt Centrum (RKC) in Stockholm. RKC will thereby be the first orthopedic provider to use FRISQ Care.

Ryggkirurgiskt Centrum (RKC) in Stockholm is one of Sweden’s leading spine surgery centers. Apart from providing orthopedic care, RKC also conduct research in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University and Linköping University.

RKC will initially be using FRISQ Care to optimize the care of patients before and after surgery. Prior to surgery, patients will be provided with relevant information about their upcoming surgery. Patients will also be able to provide the care team with important information about themselves by, for example, filling out forms prior to surgery. After surgery, patients will get support in their rehabilitation and will be able to evaluate their experience of the surgery center and provide information on their post-surgery health for quality monitoring.

We always strive to develop and improve our business. To us, FRISQ Care presents an exciting opportunity to improve for our patients, staff and research, said Per Svedmark, CEO of RKC.

“We are very proud that RKC chooses to cooperate with us. This is FRISQ’s first collaboration with an orthopedic provider and it clearly demonstrates FRISQ Care’s breadth and relevance. We believe that there are many more care providers within this field that could make good use of FRISQ Care”, said Martin Irding, CEO of FRISQ.