FRISQ presented our app “Reumatiker”, an app for individuals diagnosed with rheumatic disorders, at Forskardagen

October 17, 2017

The importance of receiving the correct diagnosis and treatment quickly for rheumatic diseases, E-health solutions and primary care collaboration, specialist care and rehabilitation. These were some of the topics that were discussed during Swedish Rheumatism association’s (Reumatikerförbundet) event Forskardagen this past weekend. Of course, FRISQ attended the event and highlighted the need for good E-health solutions within rheumatic care.

FRISQ’s representative Klas Arvidson presented our partnership and collaboration with Reumatikerförbundet: Reumatiker – an app that helps individuals receive the latest news from Reumatikerförbundet and the field of rheumatic care, as well as providing a service for simplifying the management of your and your family’s prescriptions.

The response from the audience was great! Other speakers for the event included Anca Catrina who answered the audience’s questions about heredity and medicine, rheumatologist Iva Gunnarsson from Karolinska Institutet, Sofia Ernestam from the Center for Rheumatology, occupational therapist Malin Regardt and physiotherapist Sofia Sandström.

Klas was very pleased with the day as a whole and the response FRISQ received.

“Something everyone attested to was that digitization is one of the key success factors for improving care both before, during and after diagnosis”, Klas summarized.

The event was organized by Reumatikerförbundet, the Rheumatology District in Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet, with the aim of spreading knowledge and awareness about rheumatic systemic diseases. Based on the number of participants, this topic is highly urgent and necessary – the event was so popular, leaving several attendees without a seat.