FRISQ initiates collaboration with WeMind Psykiatri

December 21, 2017

We are driven by the idea of enabling patients to always get as good care as possible. Thus we are very proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with WeMind, one of the country’s largest psychiatric care providers. Our aim is that our service FRISQ Care will be a valuable resource throughout the care process – from setting up care plans and coordinating a healthcare team to communicate with the patient.

We will start with WeMind’s operations in Stockholm during spring 2018. The goal is however to roll out FRISQ Care to additional clinics and eventually transition to full-scale implementation. WeMinds’ business is characterized by a focus on evidence-based methods and high quality in all areas, and in particular patient-reported quality. WeMind also engage in international contexts for the exchange of best practice in the psychiatric field.

The CEO of WeMind, Urban Pettersson Bargo, is strongly committed to the issue of a better and more effective psychiatric care and is looking forward to the collaboration:

“FRISQ puts a new layer on the EMR systems. This gives us unmatched opportunities to create a better working environment for our employees and better care for our patients.”

FRISQ CEO Martin Irding agrees:

“It’s impressive to see the nice business WeMind has created using evidence-based methods and focusing on quality. We are incredibly proud to be part of their work for qualitative psychiatric care across Sweden”