FRISQ in collaboration with UCB and Amgen to facilitate the implementation of care plans for Osteoporosis patients

FRISQ has entered into an agreement with biotechnology companies UCB and Amgen, to collaborate with selected clinics to design comprehensive, digitalized care plans for patients suffering from osteoporosis.

Belgium-based UCB and US-based Amgen, both world-leading companies in biopharmaceuticals, are already collaborating in the diagnostic field of osteoporosis. A new collaboration in Sweden is now being initiated with FRISQ with the ambition to contribute to improved outcomes and health of the patients by increasing their own involvement in their care and ensuring that the care provided is more patient centered. With help from the software solution FRISQ Care, comprehensive and digital care plans will be designed for patients in this area.

The project starts in November and the first step is to select clinics that will participate in the project. Thereafter, FRISQ Care will be configured for participating clinics and patients.

“FRISQ develops and provides solutions with the purpose of improving health outcomes. By optimizing processes, we strive to make the best possible care available for more patients. This is something we really think we can contribute with when it comes to osteoporosis”, says George Thaw, CEO of FRISQ. “This project is sort of a milestone for us as it’s built on a collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies who share FRISQ’s ambition to provide patient-centered processes that support medical compliance. We strongly believe in the pharmaceutical industry as a strategically important partner for FRISQ’s ambition to improve collaboration between care teams, doctors and patients. 

Osteoporosis is a therapy area with a big potential for achieving better outcomes by using more efficient systems for follow up. It’s a widespread disease that is also underdiagnosed – the risk of further fractures after a first osteoporosis-related fracture is very high. It also takes up a significant proportion of health care resources. Osteoporosis is strongly associated with a reduced quality of life, and it can lead to increased social isolation. According to Socialstyrelsen’s (National Board of Health and Welfare) guidelines, taking early measures and having a close collaboration between several care professions is required in order to be able to provide optimal care for this patient group. In that context, an effective care plan is absolutely crucial. The same document from Socialstyrelsen also warns that osteoporosis is a “low-status disease” that is treated differently in different parts of the country – there are large regional differences in the number of patients that get a new osteoporotic fracture after their first. All in all, these are strong indications that digital care plans and a person-centered approach can be of great benefit. 

About UCB

UCB, Brussels, Belgium ( is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals to improve quality of life for people suffering from severe immunological or neurological diseases. With approximately 8,400 employees in nearly 40 countries, the company generated an income of €5.3 billion in 2020. UCB is listed on Euronext Brussels.

About Amgen
Ever since it was founded in 1980, Amgen has been striving to combat serious illnesses by constantly expanding the potential of biologic drugs. Based on an in-depth understanding of human genetics and the basic mechanisms of human biology, Amgen seeks to identify new molecular pathways that can form the basis of innovative treatments to improve human health.

FRISQ is a healthtech company built on the conviction that the quality of the care you get should not be dependent on your ability to navigate a complex system and constantly evolving treatments. The software solution FRISQ Care enables the creation of personalized, digital care plans that facilitate collaboration and secure information sharing between care teams, doctors and patients through the same platform.

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George Thaw, CEO, FRISQ