FRISQ implements FRISQ Care in Norway within EU-funded innovation project

February 22, 2018

FRISQ takes a first step towards international expansion through an innovation project together with Norway’s largest private hospital, Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus in Oslo, and the Norwegian medtech company BRAIVE. The project has been granted financing through the EU program Eurostars, which is a recognition of FRISQ Care’s attractiveness and potential on an European level.

The innovation project aims at developing and implementing a mental health care model, that combines physical visits with automated digital treatment, to ensure best possible use of healthcare resources. The care model will be based on FRISQ:s unique care planning tool FRISQ Care. Within the framework of the project, FRISQ Care will be used by healthcare professionals at Lovisenberg. Lovisenberg is Norway’s largest private hospital and has about 1,700 employees. Additionally, the project will be implemented in collaboration with Braive, a Norwegian medtech company offering services for online treatment of mental health.

The project has been granted funding support by Eurostars, an EU cooperation aimed at supporting international innovative cooperation projects led by small and medium-sized development companies.

“This is very good news. Eurostars’ approval is a clear sign of quality for FRISQ Care and gives us an excellent opportunity to show that FRISQ Care is an internationally relevant product. Now we are given the opportunity to establish ourselves in the Norwegian market, and in addition, do it in cooperation with reputable players”, says Martin Irding, CEO of FRISQ.