FRISQ Care goes live

December 19, 2017

At FRISQ we are passionate about patients giving patients the opportunity to participate in their care, based on their unique needs and possibilities. Throughout 2017, we have developed FRISQ Care – a diagnostic-independent service where the healthcare team is given a tool for the patient’s treatment plan and the ability to communicate effectively within the team and with the patient. We have presented FRISQ Care on three well-attended and appreciated events; first time on May 8, second time during Almedalsveckan and lastly on October 24th.

After being used in different test environments with fictitious patients, the product is now CE-certified, which means it meets basic requirements for medical devices in healthcare in the EU. In practice, this means that we can now start using FRISQ Care properly, with real patients. A better Christmas gift is hard to imagine!