FRISQ breaks new ground by signing agreement with clinical study on prostate cancer

January 24, 2019

FRISQ initiates a new collaboration with the Karolinska Institute (KI) to support the clinical study ProBio on prostate cancer. This will be the first time FRISQ Care is used in a clinical study to try the effect of genetic profiling when treating cancer patients. In the long run, this can enable scientific research to be conducted in everyday clinical practices, so-called real-world studies.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer form in Sweden, affecting more than 10 000 men each year. Multiple new drugs for prostate cancer have been introduced on the market in the last couple of years, but they are expensive and not always effective. In the clinical study ProBio, scientists are studying the effect of genetic profiling when deciding which drugs to give cancer patients. FRISQ Care will be used as a digital tool to support the study.

By using FRISQ Care, patients will easily be able to participate in the study and provide self-report data. For the scientists working on the study, FRISQ Care will ease the administrative burden, providing easy handling of data produced through the study. Almost every oncology clinic treating prostate cancer in Sweden will participate in the ProBio study, led by Capio S:t Göran Hospital.

FRISQ Care is developed as a digital support tool for healthcare as well as clinical studies. FRISQ Care is already in use in another clinical study at the Karolinska Institute, where scientists are developing a diet intervention program for diabetes type 2 patients. By extension, FRISQ Care can create great value for the healthcare, research and life science industries by empowering scientific research to be conducted in everyday clinical practices, in so-called real-world studies.