FRISQ and Atea enter partnership

October 24, 2017

FRISQ and Atea Sverige AB have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide full service solutions for healthcare providers. FRISQ Care will, through the partnership agreement, be part of Atea’s product catalog for Sweden. In the coming six months, FRISQ, Atea and Apple will conduct a roadshow and visit healthcare providers around the country to demonstrate how healthcare providers can use FRISQ Care and receive support for hardware related services.

Atea and FRISQ have decided to sign a strategic partnership agreement including promotion, sales and distribution of FRISQ Care with related add-on services. The partnership enables the ability to provide both software, hardware and support services (such as Mobile Device Management and Security Services) if the healthcare provider so wishes. Through the partnership agreement, FRISQ Care will be delivered preinstalled and pre-configured on the acquired hardware (for example, on an iPad).

“Healthcare professionals will get the best experience of FRISQ Care if they use an iPad and therefore it is important for the healthcare provider to get a complete solution suite, where the iPad is pre-configured when delivered. Through our partnership with Atea, our customers will receive just this, which we know will be much appreciated. “ says Martin Irding, FRISQ

Atea is the largest supplier of IT infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In Sweden, Atea has agreements with almost all county councils and municipalities for software, hardware and supporting services. The company has revenue of more than SEK 12 billion in Sweden.

Atea is also Sweden’s only Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller and offers services for all Apple products including lifecycle management, financing, security, support, and technical deployment.

“We see great potential for FRISQ Care as no such care plan application with patient involvement has been available on the market before. The primary platform for healthcare professionals will be on Apple iPads, which we look forward to as it paves way for several more solutions that can create benefits for healthcare, all the same platform. FRISQ Care is a natural step in making healthcare more efficient and mobile.” says Simon Norman, Atea