Personalized care plans

Empowering patients

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Patient engagement - better health outcomes

There is convincing evidence that patients who are actively engaged in their care have better health outcomes and care experiences. When patients are given access to their treatment plans on their smart phones through FRISQ Care, knowledge and motivation levels improve, leading to increased patient participation and engagement.

An application for bringing the patient and the provider together, to plan, coordinate and follow up.

FRISQ Care enables digitalization of care processes and making them available for both patients and care teams. Our goal is to deliver a user-friendly service for the patient and a helpful planning tool for the entire care team. Records are created in a single place by integrating with the provider's current IT systems and Electronic Medical Records (EMR's).

Personalized care plans for patient and provider

FRISQ Care allows care teams to deliver personalized care plans to patients, empowering them to actively engage in their care and to manage their own health through the care plan.

Coordination across the care team

Everyone on the patient’s care team has immediate access to all the information needed to make informed decisions about the ongoing treatment. The patient is also able to share the care plans across multiple providers and caregivers.

iPad and web for the provider, iPhone or Android for the patient

FRISQ Care is time-saving for providers who can perform their daily tasks with minimal need for extraneous documentation. The patient's app is a helpful tool in their daily self-care routines and follow-up ability.

A personalized plan

Based on a set standard plan, the care team creates a personalized plan which is reflected in the patient's smart phone app. FRISQ Care lets the clinic own the care processes and plan, while ensuring that the professional judgement of the care staff is never compromised.


The plan that the care team and the patient co-create also contains goals and targets for the care and treatment. Targets can be specific health outcomes for selected measurables, which can be analysed and monitored with a high degree of automation by FRISQ Care.

Multiple plans

When a patient has multiple diagnoses, there are usually several different providers and plans involved in the care process. With FRISQ Care, care plans established by different providers can be combined in the patient app. After the patient’s given consent, all plans can be displayed and shared between the different providers, allowing for new ways of coordinating care around the patient.

Indepentent of conditions

FRISQ Care is diagnosis-independent and can be used as a planning tool for all types of long-term or chronic care processes, such as COPD care, diabetes care, maternity care or mental healthcare.

Team-based planning

By integrating FRISQ Care with the provider's calendars and schedules, personnel and other resources can be used more efficiently.

Care team conferences

Gathering the care team for a shared assessment regarding a patient’s treatment is easy when using FRISQ Care. Every necessary piece of information is available at the fingertips of every participant, and the support for video conferencing ensures that everyone can participate.

Two-way communication

The secure communication channel that is established between the provider and the patient in FRISQ Care can be used for two-way messaging. Should the patient require a more in-depth dialogue, a video meeting with the provider can be scheduled.


Using explicit consents, the patient is in control of what information is shared and with whom. Since all consents are created and managed in the patient app, the patient can withdraw a particular consent at any time. This function is an important part in complying with the EU GDPR legislation.


The patient’s care history is displayed in FRISQ Care, so that previous care meetings, diagnoses, observations and clinical notes can be used to decide on plans going forward. With consent from the patient, medical records from other providers can also be made available in the provider app (depending on the country's IT infrastructure).

Integration with current Electronic Medical Record system

FRISQ Care implements the international standard HL7 FHIR for information exchange. FRISQ can integrate with today's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems so that the care team only needs to record information once.

Follow-up and analysis

FRISQ Care monitors and detects deviations from the standard care plan. It can also analyze adherence to the personal care plan during the full course of the treatment. By using this information together with individual outcome data, powerful analyses can be made in order to determine new best practices in care, and provide data for clinic-based real-world studies.