At FRISQ, we are passionate about empowering patients and care teams to work together in forward-looking care plans. We are convinced that many patients can and want to engage much more in their own care. That is why we develop globally scalable digital solutions for interactive communication between the different actors in the care chain.

Our user-friendly solutions for tablets and smartphones are built to ease the work pressure on healthcare providers, while in innovative ways empowering patients to be more involved in their own care. FRISQ’s solutions are CE marked, built on international standards and can be used across all types of diagnostic areas.

In our digital care plans, the patient can easily access information on their treatment, medicines and care history directly on their smartphone. At the same time, care providers are given a digital tool for patients’ treatment plans and can communicate efficiently with the whole care team. This allows care teams to work efficiently together, while saving time and ensuring a high quality of care.

Today, FRISQ has a team of approximately 25-30 employees, coming from different backgrounds ranging from healthcare and system development to business development and finance.